BBQ Wednesdays

Every summer Wednesdays, a series of culinary workshops will be presented for free.

Several chefs will cook their recipe on the grill, while giving you tips to make your bbq season a success.

Door prizes and tasting (limited quantity). 

  • Wednesdays, July 4 to August 8, 2018
  • Free
  • At 7:00 pm, Desjardins Kiosk at the Olympique Park

Recipes will be available in this section of the website the day after the event.

  • July 4: Pork - La Courbe Restaurant

    Chef Angelor Chancy du restaurant La Courbe
    Pairing: Microbrasserie Le Castor
    Tasting: Sous Les Oliviers



    • 1.5 kg deboned pork and cut into cubes
    • 100 g of onions
    • 100 g of garlic
    • 25 g of pilaf 
    • 25 g of chef's spices
    • 10 g of Cayenne pepper
    • 20 g of pork seasoning
    • 5 g of salt
    • 5 g of black pepper
    • 125 ml of bitter orange juice
    • Peppers and fresh onions (to put on skewers)
    • Hardened wood skewers (soak for about 30 minutes)


    1. In a blender, combine the onion, garlic, chef's spices, pilaf and pork seasoning with 1 cup of water.
    2. Pour everything into a large bowl.
    3. Add salt, black pepper, Cayenne pepper and bitter orange.
    4. Mix everything until you have a uniform texture.
    5. Add the pork cubes. Coat well by adding 125 ml of olive oil.
    6. Cover and leave in the fridge overnight.
    7. Put the meat on skewers alternating with peppers and chopped onions.
    8. Preheat the barbecue to high average power.
    9. Grill the skewers for about 8 to 10 minutes, turning them over halfway through cooking.
    10. Serve with pasted rice (rice with red beans).

    NB: You can also brush with the marinade once boiled.

  • July 11: Duck - Olivia Restaurant

    With David Biron from Olivia restaurant
    Pairing: Microbrasserie Le Castor
    Tasting: Sous Les Oliviers


    Duck confit and lacquered with orange and sake


    • 12 ducks
    • 300 ml of soy
    • 200 ml of mirin
    • 3 tablespoon of sriracha
    • 3 oranges cut in 8
    • 1 chopped ginger root (one big inch)
    • 4 chopped garlic cloves
    • 100 ml of honey
    • 1 liter of duck or poultry stock


    • Put all the ingredients in a baking pan and cook covered for 2,5 hours to 350 F. Let cool in its broth would be the best.
    • Finish cooking the ducks on one side of the grill on only. Let the sleeves stand on the side without heat and cook for a maximum of 10-12 minutes until they are golden and crisp.
    • During cooking, brush with remaining sauce.

    Teriyaki duck satay


    • 1 duck breast
    • 200 ml of soy
    • 100 ml of water
    • 100 ml of sugar
    • 20 ml of mirin
    • 1 tablespoon of sesame
    • 1 tablespoon of chopped ginger
    • 1 clove of garlic
    • 1/2 tablespoon of cornstarch


    • Degrease the breast of the skin, then cut along to make 10 to 12 thin slices.
    • Put the slices on skewers already wet.
    • For the sauce, mix all the ingredients together and bring to a boil. Then, tie the sauce with starch. Cool.
    • Marinate the kebabs at least 1 hour before grilling on a hot barbecue 1 minute on each side.
  • July 18: Kingfish - L'artisan de la mer

    With Thomas Spriet from L’artisan de la mer 
    Pairing: Vignoble Le Bourg des Cèdres
    Tasting: Sous Les Oliviers


    Grilled kingfish, chien sauce


    • 1 kg of fish of your choice

    • 3 cives
    • 2 shallots
    • 1 onion
    • 1 lime
    • 2 cloves garlic
    • Parsley
    • Chili pepper
    • 2 tbsp. of oil soup
    • Salt and pepper


    1. Marinate the whole fish with salt, lemon juice and garlic for 30 minutes.
    2. Finely chop the cives, shallots, onion, parsley and a small piece of chili. Pour everything into a bowl. Add lemon juice, salt, pepper, vinegar, oil and 2 tbsp. of water. Stir, add a glass of boiling water. Let infuse.
    3. Wipe the fish and grill in your oven or on your barbecue. Serve hot with the chien sauce.
  • July 25: Goose - Domaine de la Templerie

    Chef François Guillon from Domaine de la Templerie
    Pairing: Vignoble Le Bourg des Cèdres
    Tasting: Sous Les Oliviers


    Goose filet with mushrooms


    • 2 filets of goose (or duck)
    • 250 ml of port wine or fortified wine
    • 250 ml of half-ice of your butcher (demi-glace powder can be used too)
    • Green shallots (or garden chives)
    • Butter
    • 1/4 chopped onion
    • Salt, pepper, spices to taste
    • Mushrooms
    • 250 ml of cream 15% country or 35%


    • Salt and pepper filets. Make a small grid on the fat. Heat the barbecue to the maximum. Once warm, close one side and place the breasts on the skin side for about 4 to 5 minutes. Turn and continue cooking for about 4 minutes. Remove and let stand before slicing.
    • For the sauce, put the butter to color the onions and add the chives. Deglaze the pan with the port to recover all the juices. Reduce to a minimum, then add the demi-glace and cream. Let it cook for a few minutes so that the sauce becomes unctuous. Add the grilled mushrooms at the end of cooking.
    • Taste and rectify the seasoning.

    You can marinate your filet before, but do not forget to remove the excess oil from the marinade.

  • August 1: Grilled chicken - Maison du chef James Mitchell

    With la Maison du chef James Mitchell
    Pairing: Vignoble Le Bourg des Cèdres
    Tasting: Sous Les Oliviers


    For the seasoning\marinate (2 chicken breasts)

    1 tsp ground cumin
    2 tsp sweet paprika
    1 tsp ground fennel seed
    1 tsp dry oregano
    2 garlic gloves chopped
    1 tsp olive oil
    1\2 tsp lemon juice

    For the peach compote

    4 peaches peeled and diced
    1 nice squeeze fresh lemon juice
    2 tbs brown sugar
    1 tbs water
    salt to taste
    1 star anise

    1. Soak 12 wooden skewers for half hour in a water
    2. Cut chicken into thin slices 6 per breast
    3. Season\marinate chicken in cumin, paprika, fennel, oregano, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice
    4. Add peaches, lemon juice, brown sugar, water and star anise to pan or pot atop the grill (about ten minutes to evaporate liquid and ready)
    5. Skewer chicken and grill 550 degree about 2 minutes per side
    6. Plate and enjoy

  • August 8: Worldwide burger - Patate et Persil

    Avec Éric Blais de chez Patate & Persil
    Pairing: Microbrasserie Le Castor
    Tasting: Sous Les Oliviers


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