Cancellation - 2020 Summer Camp

The Town of Pincourt has decided, with regret, to cancel the Summer 2020 Day Camp, as well as the Chêne-Bleu Camp.

Cancelling the camp was the wisest decision in the current context given the many human, health, financial and logistical constraints, the most important of which is the safety of children and staff. It would not have been possible to offer a camp of the same quality and capacity as in recent years.

Running a camp under the current circumstances would force us to turn away more than 50% of the children we take in each summer.

Usually, a summer camp is a place where children can blossom, let loose and enjoy themselves, especially when they are playing in a group. However, with the virus still present, children wouldn’t have such freedom, with all the restrictions that would need to be respected. We don't want to offer children that type of camp, as it simply wouldn't be much fun. 

If you have already registered your child, you will receive a full refund within the next few weeks.

You don't have to do anything; the refund will be issued automatically.

The Happiness Squad

Upcoming details

The Recreation and Community Services team is currently developing a new program, the Happy Squad, to offset the cancellation of the camps.

The Happiness Squad’s goal is to create opportunities for children to socialize with each other over the summer.

Short, supervised free-form play periods will be organized at various Town parks that meet health and safety guidelines and maintain the requisite two-metre distance between children.