Contest - Garbage Challenge

To mark Earth Day, which will take place on April 22, the Town of Pincourt is inviting citizens to take care of their planet through simple and beneficial gestures for the environment.

Picking up a piece of garbage every day or cleaning up the riverbanks can have a positive effect on the planet. That's why the Town of Pincourt is launching the "Garbage Challenge" contest.

Help us pick up litter in the forest or on our shoreline for a chance to win prizes!

From April 12-25:

  1. On your own, with someone or your family, pick up trash.
  2. Take a photo while doing so.
  3. Send your photo to (before April 25, at midnight).

Prizes to be won

  • 25 Planet Pouches + WaterSense approved shower head
  • 20 WaterSense approved shower heads

The draw will take place on Monday, April 26.