Draft Bill 96: Pincourt Advocates Status Quo

The Town of Pincourt has taken note of draft Bill 96 amending the Charter of the French Language. Even though the Town of Pincourt encourages the protection of French, the town advocates maintaining its bilingual status.

The draft of Bill 96 seeks to further promote and strengthen the French language, which the Town of Pincourt fully supports. However, we are of the opinion that these actions must be carried out with respect for municipal autonomy and therefore, that the status quo regarding the recognition of the bilingual status of cities should be maintained.

For many years, our town has enjoyed this recognition in a harmonious way by communicating general
information both in French and in English, in order to ensure understanding of it by as many citizens as possible.

The Town Council of Pincourt will continue to strive for its bilingual town status to be maintained.