Earth Day at Home

On April 22, it is Earth Day. Despite COVID-19, even though we are all at home, there are simple things we can do in our daily lives to save our planet.

While the COVID-19 crisis has led to a number of restrictive measures for humans, our planet seems to be benefiting from this pause: lower greenhouse gas emissions, better air quality, animals are reclaiming their territory, etc.

What if we took advantage of this forced timeout to review our habits and change those that can harm our environment.

During or after the crisis, having a positive impact on our environment starts with daily actions at home.

Here are some examples of easy actions you can take at home to make a difference:

  • Eating organic
  • Eating local
  • Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Reducing food waste
  • Lower your thermostat
  • Composting and recycling
  • Buying used items
  • Favour walking and cycling
  • Make your own garden
  • Pick up trash on your walks
  • Turn off the tap water when brushing your teeth
  • Take short showers
And don’t forget, doing something concrete on April 22nd is good, but every day is even better!


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