Environmental Grants Offered in Pincourt

The Town of Pincourt has set up a $10,000 environmental grant program for 2020 aimed at promoting sustainable product purchases.

In keeping with its Sustainable Development Policy, the Town of Pincourt is looking to support its citizens financially in their efforts to go green by providing grants for the purchase of products that cut down on the amount of waste sent to landfill sites and on drinking water consumption and encourage grasscycling and leafcycling.

These actions will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the costs to collect residual materials.

Since current staffing levels are reduced as a result of the ongoing pandemic, applications will be processed starting in September and on a quarterly basis thereafter.

Grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. All conditions must be met to be eligible for a grant.

To apply, simply fill out an application form, attach all required supporting documents, and e-mail everything to

Grants available to Town of Pincourt citizens:

  • Cloth diapers: A maximum of $100 to buy or rent 15 or more diapers or 50% of the purchase or rental cost.
  • Shredder blade: The purchase cost of the blade up to a maximum of $25
  • Low-flush toilet: A maximum of $75 per toilet (maximum of two toilets)
  • Rainwater recovery barrel: A maximum of $50
  • Riverbank regreening: A maximum of $300 per property
  • Purchase of a tree at the birth or adoption of a child: A maximum of $75 per tree (one tree per birth or adoption)

Details and eligibility requirements: HERE