[Closed] Help Centre - Power outages

[Update 25 December 23:30 - Help Center closed. Access to the Omni-Centre according to the holiday schedule].

Since some power outages are still ongoing in Pincourt due to yesterday's storm and high winds, the Town of Pincourt is opening a help center today, starting at 12:30 p.m., at the Omni-Centre, 375 Cardinal-Léger Blvd.

On site, it is possible to :

  • take a shower (hygiene products and towels brought by the citizen);
  • use a microwave to heat up prepared food, milk for children, etc. (no food is offered on site);
  • to recharge mobile phones (charging wire brought by the citizen);
  • sleep in warmth (we encourage citizens to bring a pillow and extra blankets, the bed is provided);
  • Receive a free hot coffee.

Outage Status

For information on the potential recovery of power outages, citizens should refer to Hydro-Québec's Info-pannes system: https://pannes.hydroquebec.com/poweroutages/ . The Town does not have any privileged information on the subject.

Vulnerable persons

If you know vulnerable people, the Town invites you to contact them on a regular basis, given the circumstances. If their telephone line is not accessible, it might be a good idea to visit them and advise them to visit the help desk if necessary.

Reminders for your safety

The municipal authorities of the Town would like to remind you of the following safety tips:

  • Never touch wires and electrical installations on the ground. Contact Hydro-Québec at 1 800 790-2424, or for an emergency call 911;
  • Make sure your home is safe and check for damage;
  • If you use a generator, be sure to place it outside, at a safe distance from the building, to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Install a carbon monoxide alarm. Also, be careful when filling up;
  • Never use heaters, lights or stoves designed for outdoor use or camping inside a building (charcoal or propane barbecues, camping heaters, propane stoves, etc.);
  • After a prolonged outage, be sure to sort your food to avoid food poisoning. Details at https://www.quebec.ca/sante/alimentation/salubrite-des-aliments/conserver-jeter-panne-courant-inondation .

Residents who have major concerns during power outages can always dial 911