New Visual Identity

The Town of Pincourt is proud to unveil its new visual identity.

2021_-_logo-pincourt.png (40 KB)

Designed jointly by the Communications Department and the Pincourt agency Le chat sort du sac!, the new logo is the result of a reflection process to modernize the Town's image.

The Town of Pincourt has been looking for a more up-to-date logo for several years now. The first step had begun in 2015 with the modernization of the Town's official coat of arms. While the coat of arms is still used in official communications, the new logo will be used in marketing to better reach broader target audiences.

The initial idea was to find a more youthful look that would last through time. The colours of the new logo represent the different distinctive elements of the environment in Pincourt, namely green and blue. These colors evoke the Ottawa River, the wetlands and the parks. The superimposed arrows are also a nod to the Town's name, alluding to the presence of short pines when the area was discovered and became Pincourt.

"We are very happy with the result. The new logo reflects the youth and dynamism of the Town. With this new visual identity, we hope that the people of Pincourt will be able to identify more with their town," said Yvan Cardinal, Mayor of Pincourt.

The new logo will be deployed in several stages, in the short, medium and long term, in various communications, banners, vehicles and municipal buildings.