Prevention Visits in Person

Please be advised that the Fire Department has started their prevention visits in person.

Given the province's passing to the green zone, the preventionists can resume their door to door prevention tour in person.

The purpose of these home visits is to verify the proper functioning of smoke alarms and various equipment that have an impact on fire safety.

In 2021, they will visit homes on chemin Duhamel (districts 4, 5 and 6).

During their visit, the inspectors will check:

  • Your smoke detector
  • Your heating system
  • Your electrical panel to look for potential fire hazards

You’ll also receive tips on making your home safer and how to prepare for a range of emergency situations.

If you’re not at home

If you’re not at home when our inspectors stop by, they will leave a door-hanger with the Department’s telephone number so that you can make an appointment for another day.


514 453-8981, ext. 335, or