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Fire Prevention Week 2023

The first person responsible is you!

October 8 to 14, 2023

Did you know?
Nearly 49% of fires in the home are caused by distraction or human error. 

The Quebec government reminds you of the safe behaviors you can adopt to avoid a fire:

  • Always keep an eye on hot items such as irons and stoves while they are in use.
  • When cooking, keep the pan lid within easy reach and use a timer to calculate the cooking time.
  • Never place combustible objects on top of the stove or in the oven.
  • Avoid the constant use of extension cords to connect auxiliary heaters.
  • Use CSA/ULC-approved electrical appliances. Make sure electrical wires are not broken.
  • Always turn off electric blankets before going to bed, and replace them every 10 years.
  • Keep exits and stairways clear at all times. Keep personal items such as glasses, hearing aids, telephone and keys close to the bed, in case you need to evacuate quickly at night.

Tips on how to prepare an evacuation plan and much more are available on their website: 

Source: Government of Quebec


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