The Town of Pincourt has three outdoor rinks where you can skate or play hockey free of charge.

The rinks and park chalets: CLOSED

Did you know?
To ensure rinks opening, the mercury must be -10 oC or lower (at night) for several consecutive days to allow for proper surface preparation.
In some areas, several inches of ice are required due to slight differences in elevation.


  • Location and Opening hours

    Regular Schedule (according to the weather)

    Monday to  Sunday: 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

    Cabin locations: Open

    Please respect the rules and capacity posted on site.

    Olympique Park
    375 Cardinal-Léger Blvd.
    Facilities: hockey rink and ice ring
    The toilet is currently out of service.

    Shamrock Park
    215 Frontenac St.
    Facilities: hockey rink and ice ring

    Taillon Park
    1101 chemin Duhamel
    Facilities: hockey rink

  • Rules

    Due to COVID-19:

    • If you experience symptoms of COVID-19, please leave the site.
    • Please respect the maximum capacity of the rink displayed on site.
    • Social distancing of 2 meters is required at all times.
    • No outdoor hockey group play.
    • If indicated, follow the direction of the arrows.
    • Access to this activity may be restricted at any time following Public Health guidelines.

    In the event of non-compliance with Public Health guidelines, the Town of Pincourt reserves the right to close the facilities without notice.

    At all times:

    • Loitering on rinks and in cabins is prohibited.
    • Smoking inside the cabins is prohibited.
    • The use of hockey sticks and pucks on ice ovals is prohibited.
    • All borrowed shovels must be returned after use.
    • Follow the attendant’s instructions.
    • Be respectful of age groups and other skaters.
    • The use of safe equipment appropriate for winter activities is recommended.
  • Surface Maintenance

    In case of a snow storm or freezing rain, or in case of mild weather, ice rinks will be closed. Several days may also be required for surface restoration. 

    When a snowfall occurs, the Town will clear roads, sidewalks and City buildings prior to the rinks.