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Property Transfer

Property transfer duties, commonly referred to as the “welcome tax,” are registration fees that anyone buying an immovable (a building or piece of land) must pay to the municipality. This tax, which is applied across Québec, is calculated in accordance with the Act respecting municipal taxation.

At the time of the sale, the notary informs the buyer how much the transfer duties are. Once the bill of sale has been signed, the notary sends a copy to the land registry office, which then forwards it to the Town.

The Town’s Administrative and Financial Department sends out the invoice for property transfer duties within approximately two months, depending on the circumstances.

  • Payment Methods

    IN PERSON (Town Hall): 

    • Cash 
    • Cheque or postdated cheque*

    *The Town’s Administrative and Financial Services Department accepts postdated cheques. Cheques must be made out to the Town of Pincourt.

    • Interac (debit)

    Through your mortgage lender

    Mortgage lenders regularly send the Town a list of addresses for which they handle municipal tax payments.
    To arrange for your municipal taxes to be paid along with your mortgage, contact your mortgage lender.

    You are responsible for ensuring that your mortgage lender makes all payments on schedule.



    •          Website*

    *To make an online payment, you will need the 18-character registration number shown at the top of your Notice of Property Assessment.

    •          At the teller
    •          At an ATM

    Receipts will be issued upon request only. Please keep your tax bill for income tax purposes. No reminders are sent out for municipal tax payments.

  • How property transfer duties are calculated

    Property transfer duties are calculated based on the highest of the following amounts:

    • The price paid to acquire the immovable (purchase price);
    • The amount of the consideration stipulated in the transfer deed (for example, the total purchase price less the value of furniture);
    • The value shown on the municipal assessment roll, adjusted to reflect the immovable’s real market value.

    The amount of the property transfer duties (“welcome tax”) is based on that value and the following rates:

    Municipalities in the province of Quebec, outside Montreal:

    o    0.5% of the first $58,900

    o    1.0% on the amount between $58,900 and $294,600

    o    1.5% on the amount between $294,600 and $500,000

    o    3% of the amount exceeding $500,000

    *Source : Droit de mutation immobilière : Services Québec

  • Have you bought a new construction?

    In the case of a new construction, it may take longer to issue the invoice for property transfer duties. The Town of Pincourt must first wait for the certificate of assessment from the assessment firm, which will determine the value of your property. The firm will send the certificate to the Town so that it can issue the invoice for property transfer duties.

  • Disclosure of Sale of a Building that does not Appear on the Land Registry

    For any disclosure of transfers of real estate not registered in the Land Register, please complete the form below and send it by e-mail to taxes@villepincourt.qc.ca.

    Disclosure of transfers of immovables not registered in the Land Register form