Using synthetic pesticides outdoors at any time has been prohibited since May 8, 2012, with some exceptions. This restriction applies both to private citizens and specialized companies that apply these products.

You can have a beautiful lawn even without using pesticides. The Green Line, a free and personalized environmental help line, can help you choose and make the most of environmentally friendly methods.

Obtaining temporary permits

In a few exceptional cases, residents can obtain a temporary permit to apply pesticides, at no cost. You will have to contact the Urban Planning Department and fill out a form.

Please be sure to have the following information on hand:

  • The name of the harmful insect or plant requiring the use of pesticides
  • Certification of the infestation from a qualified expert, including a history of the problem and the means used to prevent or resolve it
  • The trade name and active ingredient in the product to be used, along with the application schedule
  • The name of the registered contractor responsible for performing the work, if any

The temporary permit is valid for 14 days following the date of issue.

No permits are required to apply low-impact pesticides, meaning organic pesticides, horticultural oils and active ingredients authorized by Quebec’s Pesticides Management Code.


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