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    With the participation of the Gouvernement du Québec through the PRIMADA program, the Town of Pincourt presents the Art Integration Program (AIP).

    The Art Integration Program stems from the Town's cultural policy, which was adopted in 2022. The mission of this policy is to bring the community together around a vibrant local life that features the population, from toddlers to seniors. The AIP aims to position Pincourt as a place of artistic expression, in addition to wanting to offer a unique living environment of which citizens will be proud. The vocation of this program is to offer a circuit of works through the town.

    Work #1 – Jeu dans l’océan
    The first inaugural work of the Art Integration Program fulfilled the conditions put forward by the AIP Committee: to be representative of the location chosen, to be colourful, vibrant and alive. Note that the artist, Jean Pronovost, also added a playful aspect, evoking the mission of the municipal pool, that is to say, the learning of swimming through play.

    “The Art Integration Program will energize and beautify the city. This project will create inspiring and lively spaces for citizens. The result of the first work is magnificent and sets the tone for artistic possibilities. Our cultural policy comprises several actions, and this project is one of them." said Claude Comeau, Mayor of Pincourt.

    Substantial funding 
    For the first four years of the program, from 2023 to 2027, the annual budget allocated is $25,000. The project(s) selected will be eligible to receive funding of up to 100% of the costs, depending on the potential distribution of the maximum budget.

    Artists, schools, businesses, churches, and institutions... This program is for you!
    All community partners are invited to submit their ideas. The concepts submitted will follow three steps: 1) verification of compliance with the land use planning by-law concerning mural art (Web link to by-law); 2) presentation before the AIP Committee; 3) selection of the funded projects. Proposed projects will be evaluated based on the quality of their submission package. The call for projects document will detail the eligibility requirements, selection criteria, and required information. 

    Participate in the beautification of the Town of Pincourt through murals that will make the public spaces of Pincourt unique, pleasant, and attractive. 

    Please see the press release for more details: Press-Release_Programme-integration-arts

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    Please fill the following form: Form IAP

    For infomation:
    - M. Simon Grenier, Project Manager, Town Management;