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Since its creation, the Social Development Policy has injected new energy into Pincourt thanks to ideas that unite the Town’s residents and reflect their needs and aspirations.

  • Achievements of the Social Development Policy
    • Childen's Song of Pincourt
    • Creation of citizens’ committees (Youth Action Committee, Intercultural Committee, etc.)
    • Creation and support of citizen committees (Intercultural Committee, Design Committee, Healthy City Committee, Youth Action Committee)
    • Annual organization of the Pincourt Intercultural Festival
    • Annual organization of a welcome day for new residents
    • Organization of activities by and for youth: Skatefest, Rapfest, winter and summer youth days
    • Organization of the Seniors' Day
    • Annual offer of a play for seniors
    • Participation in Neighbours' Day
    • Mondays in the parks
    • Home gardeners: vegetables grown by and for citizens in the parks
    • Implementation of calls for projects
  • Coming in 2023
    • Update on the Disability Action Plan
    • Art workshops for teens
    • Establish a seed library
    • Introduction to winter sports for immigrants
    • Initiate the creation of a mutual aid platform for citizens
    • Workshop to raise awareness of car-bike-pedestrian cohabitation