Staff Directory

You will find in this section the staff phone directory of Pincourt.

  • Town Management

    The Town Manager’s Office coordinates, supervises and administers all Town of Pincourt activities, in addition to advising its elected representatives and implementing their decisions in a manner consistent with its guidelines, philosophy, and values.

    Phone: 514 453-8981, option 3 | Fax: 514 453-0934

    Me Etienne
    Bergevin Byette, MPA
    Town Manager    
    Me Charlotte Gagné

    Deputy Town Manager & Town Clerk

    Responsible for the protection of personal information

    Nathalie Chénier

    Deputy Town Clerk and Administrative Assistant

    Town Management and Clerk

    Simon Grenier

    Project Manager

    Manon Hebert Secretary -Receptionist 514 453-8981 Ext. 320


  • Human Resources Department

    The mission of the Human Resources Department is to advise and assist the Town in managing human resources, benefits, labour relations, and organizational development.

    Phone: 514 453-8981, option 4 | Fax: 514 453-0934

    Josianne Elie, CPA, CRHA

    Human Resources Director

    Sharon Dol

    Interim Director of Human Resources

    Marie Guernon Secretary 514 453-8981 Ext. 366


  • Administrative and Financial Department

    The Administrative and Financial Department sees to the sound management of the Town of Pincourt’s public funds and provides specialized expertise in accounting, finance, taxation, compensation and the budget process, in accordance with all applicable laws, by-laws, and policies.

    Phone: 514 453-8981, option 1 | Fax: 514 453-0934

    Nathalie Boisvert Director
    Johanne Bertrand Assistant Treasurer
    Linda Gaboury

    Accounting Clerk

    Perception, Taxation and Evaluation

    514 453-8981 Ext. 326
    Antonela Isac

    Accounting Clerk


    Johanne Lemay Accounting Clerk
    Johanne Raymond Accounting Clerk
    Accounts Payable
    514 453-8981 Ext. 323
  • Communication Department

    The Communication Department ensures the dissemination of information to target audiences.

    Phone: 514 453-8981, option 8 | Fax: 514 453-0934

    Vicky Sauvé

    Director of Communications and Citizen Relations

    Laurianne Martel

    Communications Officer

  • Urban Planning Department

    The Urban Planning Department is responsible for reviewing the Town’s development plans in light of municipal guidelines, issuing the permits and certificates required for various projects, and following up on complaints concerning failure to comply with municipal by-laws.

    Phone: 514 453-8981, option 2 | Fax: 514 453-0934

    Richard Dubois Director                             514-453-8981                  Ext. 331
    Max Gosselin Urban planning and inspection Consultant 514 453-8981 Ext. 333
    Laura Nichols-Rossignol Urban planning and inspection Consultant  514 453-8981 Ext. 336
    Christopher Massé Environment Consultant 514 453-8981 Ext. 330
    Marcel Lamoureux Regulatory application supervisor
    Manon Hébert  Secretary -Receptionist 514 453-8981 Ext. 332


  • Public Works and Infrastructures Department

    The mission of the Public Works Department is to maintain municipal infrastructure (water and sewage systems, streets, sidewalks, parks, etc.) and to provide collection services for garbage, large items, branches, etc.

    Phone: 514 453-8981, option 5 | Fax: 514 453-0934


    Line St-Onge, ing. Director    
    Jean-Michel Lafleur, ing.

    Project Manager

    514 453-8981 Ext. 209
    Judith Préfontaine

    Foreman - Sewage Treatment Plant

    Yvon Bessette


    Jean-Guy Rousseau


    Marie-Hélen Dionne


    514 453-8981

    Ext. 387

    Véronique Michaud Secretary 514 453-8981 Ext. 383
    Geneviève Paquin Secretary -Receptionist 514 453-8981 Ext. 381


  • Recreation and Community Services

    The Recreation and Community Service provides citizens with a wide variety of recreational, cultural, and community support services and programs to enhance their quality of life and community development.

    Phone: 514 453-8981, option 6 | Fax: 514 453-1839

    Francis Hamel Recreation and Community Services Director 514 453-8981 Ext. 242
    Jean Laflèche Coordinator of Seasonal Employees and Facilities 514 453-8981 Ext. 228
    Melanie Bergevin Head of Division - 
    Recreation, Culture and Events
    514 453-8981 Ext. 245
    Jean Sirois Social Development Agent 514 453-8981 Ext. 273
    Palina Zhardzetskaya Secretary 514 453-8981 Ext. 229



    Phone: 514 453-8981, ext. 214 | Fax: 514 453-1839

    Sylvie de Repentigny Library Manager 514 453-8981 Ext. 212
    Mireille Péladeau Library Technician 514 453-8981 Ext. 213


  • Emergency and Fire Protection Department

    The Emergency and Fire Protection Department has a twofold mission: first, to prevent fires through education and by-laws; second, to respond to emergencies. It also provides first-responder services for emergencies of a medical nature.

    Phone: 514 453-8981, option 7| Fax: 514 453-0934


    Yanick Bernier Director
    Stéphane Séguin Assistant Director
    Nicolas Demurtas Prevention Captain 514 453-8981 Ext. 362
    Gordon Stanhope


     514 453-8981  Ext. 361
    Lucie Lafleur Secretary 514 453-8981 Ext. 335


  • Public Safety
    François Plaisance Head of Division - Public Safety 514 453-8981 Ext. 203
  • Computer IT Department
    Luc Jollet Head of Division : IT