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Public Security

The Pincourt Municipal Patrol monitors the territory to ensure the safety of citizens.

  • Teams Mandate

    Since the Public Security team now has a permanence at the Town of Pincourt, their service has been added to the 3-1-1 telephone service.

    It is therefore possible to reach Pincourt municipal patrol, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Please note that the patrol officers are sworn in, that they can issue statements of offence and that they can use their authority to visit possible infraction sites.

    The team's mandate includes:
    • To ensure the respect of the opening hours of the municipal parks;

    • To verify the non-consumption of alcohol and other illegal substances in public places;

    • To check permits for trailer parking in parks with a water ramp;

    • And much more.

    For municipal patrol requests, call 3-1-1.

    For questions or comments about the municipal patrol, call 514 453-8981, ext. 203.

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  • 3-1-1 Service

    Call 3-1-1 for a non-emergency request.
    Remember that the purpose of 3-1-1 is to allow citizens to file a request or complaint regarding peace and order in the city. Their responsibility is to enforce municipal by-laws concerning :

    · Assistance to other city services;

    · Commercial sector surveillance;

    · Collaboration with the Sûreté du Québec;

    · Illegal parking;

    · Loitering;

    · Monitoring drug and alcohol use in public places;

    · Monitoring of permits for boat trailer parking;

    · Monitoring of permits for winter parking;

    · Neighbourhood Watch;

    · Nuisance noise;

    · Nuisance smoke;

    · Off-leash dogs;

    · Potential mischief in court;

    · Residential fireworks prohibited;

    · Respect for park closing hours;

    · Respect for on-street parking in winter;

    · Respect for signs posted on our roads;

    · Respect for parking for people with disabilities;

    · Social distancing not respected for Covid-19.

    · Watering outside of valid hours and days;

    · Etc.


  • Citizens Urban Safety Committee

    This citizen participation committee is intended to bring the Town and its citizens closer together in terms of urban safety, good citizenship, and road safety issues in our municipality.

    We therefore invite you to join the new Facebook group entitled “Comité citoyens sécurité urbaine de Pincourt”: facebook_icon-icons.com_59205.png (14 KB)