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Notice - New branch collection method

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Have you sustained any injuries or have your belongings incurred any damage for which you hold the Town responsible? If so, you can send the Town a claim.

The Town may compensate you depending on the circumstances and if it is proven that the damage can be attributed to a fault or case of negligence by the Town’s employees or to a lack of maintenance of equipment or structures for which the Town is responsible.

  • File a claim

    Following the event in question, your first step is to notify your insurer of the damage incurred. You must also notify the Town in writing within 15 days of the event.

    Submit your claim and any supporting documents to the Town Clerk. You can bring them in person or send them by mail or e-mail to the following address:

    Town Clerk and Communication Department
    Tow of Pincourt
    Me Charlotte Gagné
    919, chemin Duhamel
    Pincourt, QC, J7W 4G8
    Phone: 514 453-8981, ext. 346
    E-mail: greffe@villepincourt.qc.ca

    Be sure to indicate:

    • Date of the event
    • Description of the event and the damage incurred
    • Fact that you hold the Town responsible for the damage incurred
    • Address and the telephone numbers where we can reach you

     You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

    Any legal action taken against the Town must be initiated within six (6) months of the event in question.

  • Damage related to snow removal

    If you notice that your property was damaged by snow removal operations, please notify the Public Works Department.

    Public Works Department
    Phone: 514 453-8981, option 5
    E-mail: voirie@villepincourt.qc.ca

     The Public Works Service will compile a list of the requests received and make the repairs at no cost in the spring.

  • Sewer backups


    In the event of a sewer blockage or backup, notify the Public Works Department immediately at 514 453-8981, option 5, to inform it about the situation. Outside normal business hours, call 3-1-1 instead.

    The Public Works Department will unblock the sewer using a manual or power snake. Before carrying out the work, a municipal employee will ask you to sign a form authorizing him or her to proceed.