Tree cutting

The texts presented on this page do not in any way replace the official by-laws of the Town of Pincourt. Please be advised that the official text always takes precedence. Specific standards may apply to your situation.

Associated by-law: By-law 780, section 7 (article 78-81) - Protection, cutting and planting of trees

Permit: mandatory

Cost: free of charge

Validity: 8 months

For any questions or to apply for a permit, contact

Environmental Advisor 
Tel: 514 453-8981, ext. 330


  • Valid reasons for cutting down a tree

    No tree cutting is allowed unless a few exceptions.


    • The tree to be cut down is dead or has an incurable disease.
    • The tree to be cut down is dangerous to the safety or health of citizens.
    • When the tree to be cut down constitutes a nuisance or causes damage to public or private property.
    • The tree is being removed for the purpose of carrying out a construction project for which a City permit has been obtained.
  • Requirements to be met


    - 1 tree per 200 m2

    - The planting of tree(s) is required after a tree has been felled.

    - A replacement tree must have a minimum height of 1.83 m and a minimum diameter of 37.5 mm measured at 1.2 m from the ground at the time of planting. (By-law 780-19)

    - All planting must be done within eight months of the felling.

    - No person shall plant or allow to grow a tree on the Town's right-of-way.

    - The planting of a tree shall be done at a minimum distance of 2.5 meters from a fire hydrant, a service entrance, and a lamp post on public property.