Alexandre Wolford

My priority: to ensure that citizens in my district are able to thrive. To always listen to their concerns and take action for the benefit of my neighbourhood. I also hope to make a contribution in the areas of young people, the environment, and communication and information technologies.

Pincourt has to be at the forefront of 21st century technology. I hope to do my part to make this a smarter, more sustainable town. As a member of Generation Y, I believe that I am able to play a part in improving services to this generation.

A demographic snapshot of Pincourt shows that it is a relatively young town. It’s up to us to make the most of that fact.



I have lived in Pincourt my whole life, since 1990. I had the good fortune to develop my full potential in this town as a student, at École Notre-Dame-de-Lorette and École secondaire du Chêne-Bleu, as an employee, at the Recreation Department for over six years, and as a citizen. Through my interactions with the Town’s residents, organizations and employees, I have had the opportunity to get to know my Town, its needs and its challenges. I have met some great people here. Pincourt has always been and will always be a part of me.


  • Historian specialized in urban and environmental history
  • Master's degree in urban studies at INRS
  • Municipal councillor since 2013

Number of terms: 2 (elected in the 2013 election)

Duties as an elected representative:

  • President of the Sustainable development Commission
  • Municipal representative to the Commission des infrastructures, des travaux publics et de l'aménagement du territoire
  • Voting member of the follow-up committee for Pincourt’s Social Development Policy
  • Municipal representative on Pincourt’s Youth Action Committee
  • Member of Pincourt’s Information Technologies Committee
  • Member of the Commission des jeunes élues et élus of the Union of Quebec Municipalities
  • Member of the Commission de l’aménagement et des transports de l’UMQ (for Town of Pincourt)

Interests: travel, expeditions, outdoor recreation (snowshoeing, canoeing/kayaking, cycling and walking). I am also a politics, history, environment and technology buff. One life just isn’t enough to explore all these interests!