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Results of the Municipal Elections 2021

With a participation rate of 28,23% in the Pincourt municipal elections, we present to you the composition of the new council for the years 2022-2026.

The outgoing mayor, Yvan Cardinal, was  replaced by Claude Comeau, and new faces will sit by his side.

The results are as follows:

Mayor: Claude Comeau

District 1
Position of Town Councillor: Hugo Gendreau

District 2
Position of Town Councillor: Denise Bergeron (elected by acclamation)

District 3
Position of Town Councillor: Sam Ierfino (elected by acclamation)

District 4
Position of Town Councillor: Diane Boyer (elected by acclamation)

District 5
Position of Town Councillor: Claudine Girouard-Morel (elected by acclamation)

District 6
Position of Town Councillor: René Lecavalier

The electoral officer has entered the results, after the ballot count was completed, for all positions being elected.

The results posted are preliminary and are subject to change without notice until validated by the electoral officer.

The electoral officer has confirmed that he has received all of the town's nominations.