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Biblioperrot is the result of a reciprocal service agreement between the three Île Perrot libraries. It gives Pincourt citizens access to the resources of Marie-Uguay Library in Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot and Guy-Godin Library in L’Île-Perrot.

Services covered:

  • Book loans
  • Access to libraries and on-site document consultations
  • Free Internet use
  • Research assistance
  • Admission to cultural events organized by all three libraries

Electronic resources and e-books are not covered by the agreement.

  • How do you register?

    Stop by our Library with your library card, in order to receive a certificate indicating you are a member in good standing. This step must be repeated every year. Then, go to the library of your choice with your proof of membership to open your member account there.

    You must comply with all rules set by the other libraries. Be sure to return your borrowed books to the right library.

  • How to contact the neighboring libraries

    Marie-Uguay Library

    1300 Don-Quichotte Blvd.
    Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot, Québec
    J7V 9E2
    Phone: 514 453-0013
    E-mail: biblio@ndip.org

    Access to catalog
    Website: www.ndip.org

    Guy-Godin Library

    120 Perrot Blvd.
    L'Île-Perrot, Québec
    J7V 3G1
    Phone: 514 453-1751, poste 230
    E-mail: info.biblio@ile-perrot.qc.ca 

    Access to catalog
    Website: www.ile-perrot.qc.ca