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School Taxes

School taxes are managed by school boards, not municipalities. You can pay your school taxes by mail, online or at your financial institution.

If you have any questions about your school taxes, contact the Commission scolaire des Trois-Lacs or the Comité de gestion de la taxe scolaire de Montréal.

French School Board

Commission scolaire des Trois-Lacs
Phone: 450 267-3700 ou 514 477-7000, ext. 1830
E-mail: taxe.scolaire@cstrois-lacs.qc.ca
Website: www.cstrois-lacs.qc.ca

English School Board

Comité de gestion de la taxe scolaire de Montréal
Phone: 514 384-5034
E-mail: taxe.scolaire@cgtsim.qc.ca
Website: www.cgtsim.qc.ca