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Basement Dwelling

The texts presented on this page do not in any way replace the official by-laws of the Town of Pincourt. Please be advised that the official text always takes precedence. Specific standards may apply to your situation.

Associated by-law: By-law 780, section 203 - Règlement de zonage et de plans d’implantation et d’intégration architecturale

Permit: mandatory

Cost of permit: 40 $

Permit validity: 12 months

For questions or to apply for a permit, contact:

Urban Planning Department
Tel: 514 453-8981, ext. 332

  • Required documents

    - Construction plan
    - Estimate of the contractor
    - Construction schedule

  • Requirements to be met

    - The use shall be carried on in the basement of a detached family dwelling.
    - Only one dwelling unit is authorized per main building.
    - Access to the dwelling must be located on one of the side or rear elevations (may be in front if shared with the main dwelling).
    - The lot must be provided with a parking space to serve the dwelling.