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Denise Bergeron

I have always volunteered for various activities, developing plans of action and helping make decisions for the benefit of my fellow citizens. I want to give residents a town that is a nice place to live: a place known for its energy, community spirit and a high level of public participation. A community where we can grow together, and grow old in peace and safety. Let’s grow together!


I have lived in Pincourt for 33 years. I worked here for over 20 years, at St. Patrick Elementary School. My children grew up in this wonderful town, and my family has always been involved in the community in different ways, as volunteers or participants in sports or community and social services. Over the years, we have seen our community grow and develop on the educational, recreational, community and social fronts.


  • Retired since 2010 from my position as the school daycare program supervisor at St. Patrick Elementary School
  • Town councillor since 2012
  • Volunteer on Pincourt's Tennis Committee and on Pincourt's Design Committee 

Number of terms: 4 (elected during a 2012 by-election and re-elected in 2013)

Duties as an elected representative:

  • President of the Social and Community Development, Leisure and Cultural Commission 

  • President of the Public Security Commission 

  • Member of the Social Development Committee 

  • Member of the Ville en santé Committee 

  • Member of the Action Committee for the Disabled 

Interests: Listening to and serving citizens, bringing people together and instilling a feeling of belonging